Home Learning – Let’s get organised!

21st March 2020
By Sarah Everett

Following on from my blog ( Covid 19 and Parenting ) I feel it is really important to maintain some structure whilst also being mindful that this is a huge transition for most of us. Play, chilling, fresh air and various devices will all play their part in the coming weeks!

That said we are also preparing for some structured learning. Our amazing teachers have been working hard to prepare home learning packs and will be staying in touch via Class Dojo to set tasks and for our children to share their work with them. 


I don’t know about you but I need my work area to be tidy and have all I need to hand! Messy desk and I find myself distracted and wanting to go do something else! So yesterday I spent my morning organising. I’m about to have three school children at home, all different ages, all at different stages and all with their own books/paperwork! I NEED to be organised, for my own sanity! 


I’ve been meaning to sort out somewhere for all their crafty bits for ages. This drawer unit was under our stairs housing waterproof clothing, bags, hats and scarves etc. They are now all in bags for life instead! I haven’t bought anything new, I’ve simply organised what we already had so that everything has a place. That way (fingers crossed!) we can encourage them to put things back where they belong. I’ve labelled the four drawers, top one for paper then one for each child. They rushed to put their books inside when they got home from school!


We will also be having a visual reminder of our day to give the children some structure, we all know that kids thrive on routine. Our eldest in particular likes to know what is happening next. Again, I didn’t want to purchase anything new so I went hunting in the garage. Found an old calendar and I’ve covered it with brown paper. Love that it already has a handy hook, so up it’s gone using a nail.

I’m going to (may rope Steve in for this!) create a printable planner. I’ll probably peg it to this board. It’s going to be REALLY simple but will help the kids know what to expect next. So keep an eye out for those!