Hello 2021!

25th January 2021
By Sarah Everett

Well the start of 2021 didn’t quite go to plan did it?! We find ourselves a little lost in some crazy ball of mixed emotions, unsure of the future and missing the ones we love. Back to juggling all the things – parenting, working from home and the dreaded homeschooling! I’m not going to lie, week one of remote learning was tough. As was week two! Slowly we are finding our way – knowing what to let go of, understanding when a break is needed and finding new ways to engage in learning.

Some things that are helping –

  • Taking the pressure off, not all tasks have to be completed.
  • Opening the windows to let in some fresh air, even just 30 minutes makes a huge difference.
  • Asking their teachers for help, they gave us an alternative.
  • Mixing up our days.
  • Zoom with a school friend to work on tasks together.
  • Giving each child something to look forward to – sleepovers in siblings bedroom, eldest staying up a little longer to watch tv or play a game, a walk with one parent.
  • Getting outdoors.

Homeschooling 3 Primary School aged children is tough going, but we are getting there.
We love heading to the woods when we can, our recent 2 hour walk was definitely needed!
Fresh air and screen free – Lots of giggles!
Luke has shown an interest in photography (yay!) so has been using my old camera.

It’s so easy to see that it’s cold or wet outside and to decide to stay inside. This felt a lot easier during the Spring/Summer with our patio doors open constantly and most of our learning taking place in the garden. A few times now we’ve gone maybe 2 or 3 days without getting outside and you begin to develop this trapped feeling. The kids are slumping around on sofas and we feel ourselves becoming irritable. Get outside for even just 30 minutes and we feel SO much better! 

Welly boots and waterproof trousers are a must have these days!