Family Sleepover & Movie Night

24th October 2020
By Sarah Everett

We have made it to half term! I have to admit that when we started back in September I wasn’t quite sure if it would we would get to this point without another lockdown. The last week has also included some homeschooling again with Archie being off school – his year 6 bubble are isolating. So we decided that a little surprise was in order as a celebration!

Obviously the wine was just for Us!

We are no strangers to sleepovers, but usually they haven’t been instigated by us! Many nights have been spent snuggled up in our bed, especially in their earlier years. Our boys share a room with bunk beds and April has been sharing Lukes bed since March! We wanted to make this more fun and make some memories together.

“We’re all going to sleep in here? All night?! Together?!”

This was supposed to be a surprise but since Archie was home we got him involved to get things ready. We found some cute printable templates online and got to work. Aren’t these popcorn boxes just the cutest?! You can print your own here. As we taped them together (the glue seems to have done it’s usual disappearing act) I was thinking they were far too small but in fact they were the perfect size for little hands. We also found these printable film strips which gave our movie night a little bit of a theme. We could have themed it all up much more had it not been a last minute idea but then again I do enjoy making do with what we already have. Not bad really considering the sleepover was Friday night and I only thought of it on Thursday afternoon!

I love to make things look nice. Adding the odd prop here and there makes it all tie in and gives it a special edge. But you know what? Our children loved what it was more than anything else. They loved that we were all going to fall asleep together in our lounge, watch a film and eat popcorn. I also could have used my camera to take some “insta worthy” photos but life isn’t all about putting on a show. (This would be a great idea for a photo shoot though…!)

The purpose of this blog is to share some of our life and to inspire. Amazing adventures can be had for free or close to it, something we all need during this crazy year!