Easter in the Sunshine

21st April 2020
By Sarah Everett

Easter 2020 looked a bit different to our usual family gatherings, trips to farms and my jam packed weekend days full of springtime photo shoots! Weirdly though we are feeling quite settled into this new lockdown life. Life is that bit slower and much calmer. I kind of like it, I’m almost feeling fearful of things eventually returning to some form of normality. We miss our families and friends crazy amounts and can’t even begin to comprehend how awful life is for so many people. Yet in our little family bubble of five life feels pretty good.

We have been going for local walks and enjoying our garden in the sunshine. The weather has been amazing! We’ve even had the hose out! Our trampoline is still a firm favourite in our house. It’s been used as a chalk canvas, a comfy chill space covered in pillows and teddies, a “bouncy castle” when our parachute was pegged to the top (I’m sure any big sheet would do!) and for splashing in puddles with the hose! Let’s not forget some bouncy dancing! So yes, trampoline and hosepipe, thank you for your help in making sunny days fun whilst we stay safe at home.

trampoline fun