Back to School 2020!

2nd September 2020
By Sarah Everett

The end of the summer holidays is always filled with mixed emotions but here we are with our children returning to school after almost 6 months! The strangest of school years, really hard in places but super amazing in others. I couldn’t tell you how often I’ve had to bite my lip this morning to hold back the tears. I trust our school and teachers, I know they will take care of our children and welcome them back with all the love they have. But it’s difficult to let go after shielding them from the crazy world that we have been living in since March. 

They all went in excited to be with their friends again and eager to begin the term. A squirt of hand sanitiser as they entered their new classrooms and met by amazing teachers with their welcoming smiles. Go be children, learn and have fun! 

2020 is all the more emotion inducing too for us, Archie is now in year SIX! And all these thoughts of last everything keep popping into my head. This is it, top of the school! Just 6 years ago my tiny 4 year old was at the very beginning of his school journey. It’s true what they say about time going fast, especially once our children start school. Comparing these photos makes me realise just how much he has grown up over those years! 

Sat in our home office writing this it sure is quiet.  I’m so thankful to now have Steve working from home too! I can’t wait to hear about what they’ve been up to today and have those after school hugs. 

Happy School Days!

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