Anxious Parents – How a prolonged febrile seizure turned ours lives upside down.

6th August 2020
By Sarah Everett

Today marks 5 years since the most traumatic day of our lives, the day our baby girl experienced a prolonged febrile seizure. (You can read about it all HERE). I knew the anniversary was coming but unlike the early ones I wasn’t overly thinking about it, it was more of a passing thought. Yet I spent all day yesterday feeling a little nauseous and uneasy, cheers body!

You see experiences like this don’t leave you. Sure they become watered down memories as the years pass by but they remain with you. It was a huge turning point from pretty carefree parents to full blown anxiety attacks. Yet as our lives go on that anxiety has faded, it’s there as this annoying niggle but it no longer rules each day like it once did.

I also think that it’s made us treat her a little differently. I’m sure this is also due to her being the youngest! But I remain thankful for her health, her caring nature and even that sass that seems to be growing at an alarming rate! She likes to fall asleep hugging my arm, she comes into our bed most nights around 12 and is a huge lover of cuddles.

So today we are thankful for her, our amazing little girl.