A Wrabness Adventure

5th July 2020
By Sarah Everett

The coast, the countryside and the promise of a rope swing – We are there! I saw a photo on @theearlyyears_ of her daughter having fun on this swing and we couldn’t resist a trip with our three. We were feeling a tad nervous about taking them out, it would be their first time in the car since their last day of school. It was about a week after restrictions allowed days out in your car. 

It was like venturing out for a road trip, a summer holiday drive. Such an odd feeling to be travelling somewhere other than Tesco! The kids were in awe of the world passing by their windows, amazed by the cows in the fields and the sight of other cars. 

We arrived at the train station car park and headed down the country path which signposted our way to the coast. And we found the SWING!

The best thing was that we had this little spot all to ourselves! We followed the pathway through the woodland which brought us out onto beautiful meadows with views of the sea. It would be the perfect place for a picnic.

I think we will aim to return when the tide is a little further in next time. It’s quite a muddy beach when the tide is out so we’d recommend bringing along your welly boots if you fancy getting closer to the sea.