A splash about in the river – Dedham

28th June 2020
By Sarah Everett

Somehow we’ve lived in Colchester for 8 years yet we have never had a walk alongside the River Stour! Madness! As a child I remember long walks from Flatford Mill, so perhaps I did get that far at some point, but many years have gone by! We are a family that LOVE to be outdoors exploring and bonus points for water being involved. So how we had gone so long without this beautiful place in our lives I don’t know.

I was browsing my Instagram feed for some inspiration of where to go for our walk when I spotted a post from @my.not.so.perfect.life of her trip to Dedham. Welly boots were pulled on and waterproofs zipped up we headed out, it took 10 minutes. Seriously even crazier that we hadn’t been! April was so excited that she could finally wear her brand new stomper suit and welly boots from @littleduckscompany – The raindrops change to rainbow colours when wet, so cool.

They all loved paddling in the river and seeing lots of cows close up. We even found some amazing trees to climb. Archie (10) has been learning about rivers as part of his topic work so it was a fantastic opportunity to talk about all the words we have been working on – Meandering, erosion, deposition etc.

We skimmed stones and spotted birds darting around in the air. And clearly not all waterproofs and welly boots are made equal!

We parked at the Dedham Riverside car park, you’ll need some change for pay and display. It’s basically opposite the Boathouse Restaurant, this is also where you would hire a row boat. Our pushchair days are years behind us but if you have a little one the grass by the river is nice and flat.

Our visit was brief but we will be returning very soon to explore further!